Future AirBus Plane

Decks : 10(in toto) - 7 for passengers and 3 for Baggage and Cargo.
Capacity : 2600 passengers
Features proposed for the future aircraft are six restaurants, three duty free shops, a lounge with a discothèque, two full sized movie theatres, a 14 lane bowling alley, a swimming pool with water slides, a wedding chapel, a fully functional medical clinic, and
a 11,000 volume library. Mr. Randele said that two major international carriers have already placed orders and that the new jets are scheduled to begin service in late summer of 2008.

Wondering what all these ! this is regarding the preliminary work going on in the Airbus factory for the designing and manufacturing a 2600 seater Jumbo aircraft.
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RajeshSegu said...

Hai Bakka,

This looks like a great joke for now, atleast for 2006, becoz AIRBUS took more than 5years to develop the present ultralarge boeing's.

Anyway the image looks very funny that I remember a silver scaled flat fish I see on the Discovery Channel regularly.

Hope India could order some of these.

Take care man.